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The New Attorney General and Kangaroo Island

Posted by peggyhora on April 12, 2010

I got me meet the new Attorney General yesterday and, based on our meeting, I have high hopes for John Rau’s  leadership in justice system reform issues.  He’s very down-to-earth in his approach and respects as well as is respected by the judiciary.  Up until four weeks ago he was still appearing in court so his systemic knowledge is both recent and hands-on.  I also liked the fact that he is committed to raising public trust and confidence in the justice system particularly around issues of criminal law.  It was a most satisfying encounter.  I then met with the editor of the local newspaper, Mel Mansell, hoping to encourage more in-depth reporting on the actual costs of alcohol and other drugs on the system and to reiterate my message that “smart on crime” is preferable to “tough on crime.”  Next, Peter Severin, the CEO of Corrections, brought me up to date on the latest corrections’ initiatives and they, too, are impressive.  All in all, a fine day.  The evening began with a glass of wine with Bronwyn Killmier, Assistant Commissioner of the Police and we headed out for a tasty meal of Thai cuisine.  Meanwhile, I

spent the weekend on Kangaroo Island as a houseguest of judges with more judges as co-guests.  It was just wonderful.  We did a ride across the island and looked at perfect beaches like the one pictured here, read a little, talked a lot, ate great food and generally had a ball.  There’s nothing like the company of intelligent, well-read, engaged and interesting people to keep you stimulated.  I especially enjoyed pulling around the fire on the patio for appetizers and drinks before dinner.  Although I didn’t see any kangaroos (alive, that is) I’m told there are of a separate species and that there are koala bears on the island as well.  It’s a nice, unspoiled spot and I confirmed that being a houseguest is preferable to staying by yourself in a hotel.  Although I enjoyed my weekend in Tasmania, this weekend was 100 times better in so many ways.  All this is confrms how nice, welcoming and open the Australian people are to those of us far from home.  Thank you to my hosts and other guests.  You made me feel welcome and valued.


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