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It’s not “Goodbye,” Adelaide

Posted by peggyhora on April 30, 2010

Great news first:  I’m coming back for a third visit.  The Premier asked me to and we have the budget.  We’ll time it with the launch of the my report or some justice initiative.  That means I didn’t have to cry at all my farewell events this week knowing I’ll be seeing everyone again.  I had a lovely dinner on Sunday night at the home of Judge Michael Boylan and Deborah Morgan.  I brought my “Flying Dutchman” along.  Alex Lohman is a lawyer friend from The Netherlands who arrived to stay with me a few days.  I got to meet part of the Boylan-Morgan children — Hugh and Henry — and they were both delightful.  Monday was a holiday, Anzac Day.  I worked pretty much all day.  Big meeting of the week was with Attorney General John Rau and  Premier Mike Rann.  I got to spend an hour discussing policy, politics and my recommendations. I am very encouraged by their reactions.  I really believe we can get some things done here.  I also met with Solicitor General Martin Hinton and CEO of the Attorney General’s Department, Jerome Maguire who both gave me great feedback.  Tuesday night we had an office dinner at The Vietnamese.  Great food and a few tears.  My office mates gave me a gorgeous, modern handmade adventurine necklace from my favorite crafts store, the Jam Factory.  It is truly beautiful.  An article came out in the local newspaper about my recommendations and it was simply perfect.  Wednesday night was the Lord Mayor’s reception for me at the Adelaide Town Hall.  About 150 people attended including the AttorneyGeneral, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Doyle, Chief Judge of the District Court Terry Worthington, Aboriginal Judicial Officer Joel Bayliss, the Chief Prosecutor, President of the Law Society and the A-Team, my youth advisory council.  The Lord Mayor and I stood at the door of the Queen Adelaide room and greeted each guest then I was whisked around the room for photos with tons of folks.  I finally got one glass of champagne and one hors d’oeuvre before the reception was over.  Whew.  Thursday was a debriefing meeting with the Thinkers’ team then an hour television interview that will air on Friday night.  The media play this time was amazing and I’ve even got an interview in Sydney with a national breakfast show.  Meanwhile the American Embassy was in touch about a reception they’re giving for me on the 18th in Wellington and I’ll be speaking at the Auckland Law School on the 20th.  I’m still working on the rest of my New Zealand plans.  On Thursday afternoon I went wine tasting in the Barossa Valley, took a nap, had a massage then went out with about 30 judges to dinner.  I spoke with them about my recommendations on Friday morning then transferred to a fabulous boutique hotel called The Louise where I’ll be helping to celebrate Judge Rose Davey’s 50th birthday on Friday night.  We’ll dine on site at The Appelation.  Meanwhile I’m catching up on email and working on the introduction for my report as well as my presentation at the Non-Adversarial Law conference in Melbourne next Thursday.  It will be a lovely end to my time in Adelaide — this time.  Knowing it’s not the last makes me happy.  Some people have a beach house; I have Adelaide and she’ll always be in my heart.  I’ve made fabulous friends here and feel I have something important to contribute to the community.  Au revoir for now.  Keep following the blog as I journey to Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.


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Missing: Week 3

Posted by peggyhora on April 8, 2010

How can it be Friday already and I haven’t written on this blog for days?   Sun. will mean this residency is half over already.  Yikes!  Here goes:  On Tuesday (Mon. was a public holiday) I appeared on Dave & Matt drive time radio show except Matt wasn’t there.  It’s on ABC (public radio) and has a good audience.  They’re known for being a little provocative but Dave was not combative with me.  Callers were not obnoxious.  My catalysts, Sue King and Nichole Hunter, and I met to reorganize the report categorises.  We’re moving well on that.  In the afternoon I met with Jerome Maguire, the CEO of the Attorney General’s office and the head of the Department of Public Prosecution.  Both meetings were quite productive and I got good input.  That evening I had dinner with Federal Magistrate Charlotte Kelly and some of her colleagues to discuss the Unified Family Treatment Court idea.  We ate at Enzo’s which you may remember from the night I saw Carole King and James Taylor.  It was excellent again.  Wednesday I met with the Premier’s  Senior Management Council in the morning and Legal Services Commission lawyers Gabrielle Canny, Rob Croser and Karen Lehmann in the afternoon.  In between I wrote and wrote.  That evening was the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychology and the Law (ANZAPPL) dinner at the British Hotel where I spoke on co-occurring disorders.  I had something I had not ordered before — Scotch fillet (the ‘t’ is pronounced) — which turned out to be like a slice of prime rib only tougher.  Not unpleasant though.  Thursday was a meeting with Ilona Kickbush, Thinker #13, with whom I am appearing next week along with Geoff Mulgan in the Thinkers’ Return debut.  The three of us are invited to talk about what comes out of crisis – more of the same or change —  and it will be narrated by Fran Kelly, a well-known journalist. It will also be the launch for a new Thinkers’ initiative which will be introduced by the Premier.   In the afternoon, I met with the A Team, my youth advisory council, and they are making fantastic progress on their report.  I was particularly taken by a virtual tour they are creating for the courts’ website.  Very cool.  Ten of them are coming to the Thinkers’ Return event and will be live Tweeting.  Thursday evening was pure pleasure with only a tiny bit of business.  A group of six of us was hosted by Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis at the very exclusive Queen Adelaide Club.  We had a fabulous evening that started with sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres in the library.  Dim sum in a Chinese soup spoon, crispy shrimp with a dipping sauce, and some other lovely little bites followed by a choice of duck or baramundi, a South Australian fish with which I have fallen in love.  I had it the other day beer battered with chips and it is a sweet and succulent white fish.  Also in attendance were Pauline Peel, head of Aboriginal Affairs & Reconciliation Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Ingrid Haythorpe,  Executive Director of planning, policy and legislation in the Attorney General’s office; Tahnya Donaghy, executive director of policy and intergovernment relations in the health department (and with whom I had spent the weekend in Mannum last time); and, Sue Vardon former, CEO of various Commonwealth and state agencies.  We had an absolutely fabulous time.  Good food, lovely surroundings and six powerful, intelligent and interesting women — what’s not to love?  Friday I meet with the judges to update them on my thinking, spend time writing in the office and them am picked up by Judge Michael Boylan and his wife for a weekend in Kangaroo Island.  I am so looking forward to that.  Details and photos to follow.

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