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Missing: Week 3

Posted by peggyhora on April 8, 2010

How can it be Friday already and I haven’t written on this blog for days?   Sun. will mean this residency is half over already.  Yikes!  Here goes:  On Tuesday (Mon. was a public holiday) I appeared on Dave & Matt drive time radio show except Matt wasn’t there.  It’s on ABC (public radio) and has a good audience.  They’re known for being a little provocative but Dave was not combative with me.  Callers were not obnoxious.  My catalysts, Sue King and Nichole Hunter, and I met to reorganize the report categorises.  We’re moving well on that.  In the afternoon I met with Jerome Maguire, the CEO of the Attorney General’s office and the head of the Department of Public Prosecution.  Both meetings were quite productive and I got good input.  That evening I had dinner with Federal Magistrate Charlotte Kelly and some of her colleagues to discuss the Unified Family Treatment Court idea.  We ate at Enzo’s which you may remember from the night I saw Carole King and James Taylor.  It was excellent again.  Wednesday I met with the Premier’s  Senior Management Council in the morning and Legal Services Commission lawyers Gabrielle Canny, Rob Croser and Karen Lehmann in the afternoon.  In between I wrote and wrote.  That evening was the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychology and the Law (ANZAPPL) dinner at the British Hotel where I spoke on co-occurring disorders.  I had something I had not ordered before — Scotch fillet (the ‘t’ is pronounced) — which turned out to be like a slice of prime rib only tougher.  Not unpleasant though.  Thursday was a meeting with Ilona Kickbush, Thinker #13, with whom I am appearing next week along with Geoff Mulgan in the Thinkers’ Return debut.  The three of us are invited to talk about what comes out of crisis – more of the same or change —  and it will be narrated by Fran Kelly, a well-known journalist. It will also be the launch for a new Thinkers’ initiative which will be introduced by the Premier.   In the afternoon, I met with the A Team, my youth advisory council, and they are making fantastic progress on their report.  I was particularly taken by a virtual tour they are creating for the courts’ website.  Very cool.  Ten of them are coming to the Thinkers’ Return event and will be live Tweeting.  Thursday evening was pure pleasure with only a tiny bit of business.  A group of six of us was hosted by Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis at the very exclusive Queen Adelaide Club.  We had a fabulous evening that started with sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres in the library.  Dim sum in a Chinese soup spoon, crispy shrimp with a dipping sauce, and some other lovely little bites followed by a choice of duck or baramundi, a South Australian fish with which I have fallen in love.  I had it the other day beer battered with chips and it is a sweet and succulent white fish.  Also in attendance were Pauline Peel, head of Aboriginal Affairs & Reconciliation Department of the Premier and Cabinet; Ingrid Haythorpe,  Executive Director of planning, policy and legislation in the Attorney General’s office; Tahnya Donaghy, executive director of policy and intergovernment relations in the health department (and with whom I had spent the weekend in Mannum last time); and, Sue Vardon former, CEO of various Commonwealth and state agencies.  We had an absolutely fabulous time.  Good food, lovely surroundings and six powerful, intelligent and interesting women — what’s not to love?  Friday I meet with the judges to update them on my thinking, spend time writing in the office and them am picked up by Judge Michael Boylan and his wife for a weekend in Kangaroo Island.  I am so looking forward to that.  Details and photos to follow.


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2 down, 4 to go

Posted by peggyhora on April 1, 2010

How did the end of week two get here so fast?  Tuesday I had a good meeting with the Chief Judge and two other judges of the District Court then, at the end of the day, I met with the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators.  Wednesday morning I met with Youth Court Presiding Judge Steve McEwen and Magistrate Penny Eldrige about the family treatment court project.  I had lunch with folks who run a program that takes prisoners about to be released and uses them to work on state park land.  In the afternoon we had the first partners’ meeting of this residency and it was well-attended.  I reported on events that occurred in the last six months and what was planned for this second half.  It was good to see everyone.  Wednesday evening Ingrid Haythorpe invited me to her home where I got to see her children, Remy and Laura, whom I had met last time.  We read books and watched Thomas the Tank Engine.  They were impressed I knew who Percy was.  Today, the last day of the week since Good Friday is a holiday here, was chock full of meetings about the unified famiy court with people from Canberra, the chief prosecutor for child abuse, Minister Jennifer Rankine whose portfolio includes Families and Communities, Housing, Ageing and Disability.  We were very much on the same page on the Youth Court and juvenile justice issues. I dashed from the meeting with the minister to grab a quick salad before a radio interview on 5AA with Amanda Blair, a self-confessed prison junkie.  She was incredibly flattering on the air and announced my public lecture about seven times.  The day ended with a meeting with Chris Eccles, the Chief Executive of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.  It was great to reacquaint myself with him and tell him what I was thinking about.  Tonight I’m doing some laundry and packing for a four-day trip to Tasmania because Monday is also a holiday.  I’m staying at a beautiful hotel right on the harbor and have three sightseeing tours booked.  I’m meeting the state Chief Magistrate and his wife for dinner on Saturday and regret I could not work out doing a training for his judges.  One other magistrate may be able to join us.  I’m looking forward to a four-day rest where I can read my trashy novel (the book after “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) and work just a little.

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Great start to Week 2

Posted by peggyhora on March 29, 2010

Despite being late to the office which was NOT my fault but I don’t want to embarass the person whose fault it was since Sue forgot to pick me up at my apartment.  Oops!, spilled the beans.  Gary Thompson, Ingrid Haythorpe and a couple other from the AG’s department met with the team to throw around some ideas and it was a very productive session.  The afternoon was a thinking day set aside for me to process all the information I have to in order to make my recommendations cogtent and evidence-based.  The justice system is huge and includes so many different diverse groups it’s important that all aspects be reviewed before any final decisions are made.  I’m also putting together a research document for those who want to delve into the subjects a little further.  It seems a shame that two and a half years of document gathering should only be used once.  Additionally, we’ll draw up an implementation plan so the report does not become a doorstop.  The evening started with dinner at Enzo’s an old-fashioned, what I would call North Beach-style, Italian restaurant near the Adelaide event center.  I had a fabulous organic, free range chicken breast stuffed with spinach and covered with crispy prosciutto.  It sat upon a potato galette and was surrounded with a gargonzola sauce.  Brocolini accompanied it.  When I say it was divine, it was to die for.  After dinner Sue, her husband Andrew and their friends and I went to hear Carole King and James Taylor in concert.  It’s been a good ten years since I saw music live except for the symphony, ballet and opera.  I forgot how much fun it was to sing along.  The center was packed to the gills but I was able to see everything on the Jumbotrons.  What a great invention.  All in all, a terrific day.

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One Week Down — Yikes!

Posted by peggyhora on March 27, 2010

Friday was another busy, busy day.  I never made it into the office. I was the keynote speaker at the South Australian Law Society conferece. It’s a 3,000 member bar association.  The meeting was kicked off by Chief Justic John Doyle who very kindly mentioned my work.  The conference title, “Smart Justice,” was taken from my residency.  My session was chaired by Justice Robyn Layton and Professor Richard Balfour spoke about the high incidence of hearing impairment in the APY Lands (the traditional Aboriginal community) and the implications for the legal system.  Certainly something I had never thought about.  I spoke about the Family Treatment Drug Court and the Chief Judge of the Youth Court, Steven McEwen, was in attendance.  Later in the afternoon I’m told he spoke and reiterated much of what I had to say.  After lunch I left to have a much-anticipated meeting with Monsignor David Cappo, Commissioner for Social Inclusion.  Our one hour meeting stretched to 90 minutes as we had much to discuss.  I think I am safe in saying our thoughts and ideas are quite compatible.  I got home to rest for one hour then met Sue King and her husband Andrew at my apartment and we walked over to the Cinema where we attended the premiere of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” a fundraiser for OXFAM.  The movie tracked the book quite well and the actress who played Lisbeth was absolutely perfect.  The scenes of the little town of horrors were spectacular and I was on the edge of my seat several times.  After the movie and not winning the raffle prizes, we repaired to the Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende for a late supper.  Andrew had a beautiful fish stew, Sue and her friend Mike had fishcakes and frittes and I had their gnocci in a pancetta sauce.  Heavenly potato pillows in a smokey light cream sauce.  Delish!  Saturday morning I was back at the Law Society conference for a public speech which went very well.  I then dashed off to the Central Market which  readers from last fall may remember as a foodie’s nirvana.  I toted home a spinach and tomato quiche; half barbeque chicken; salad fixings; some lovely cheeses; fruit, including some incredible figs; tinylamb chops and a jalapeno bagel with Danish butter for tomorrow’s breakfast.  Love that place.  I had pretty much exhaused what Pamela had laid in for me upon my arrival last week.  Seven days ago?  Oh, my.  I’m having dinner with a friend from Sydney tonight — Astrid Birgden who is the warden of the mandatory treatment jail or gaol I’m going to tour when I get up the New South Wales near the end of my visit.  Sunday will definitely be a day of rest, reflection and maybe cracking into the second book after “Tattoo” lent to me by Ingrid Haythorpe.  Before I know it it will be Monday morning again and it’s of to the races.  Week two doesn’t look any less busy than this first one.

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Mannum on the Murray

Posted by peggyhora on September 21, 2009

Haythorpe homestead, Mannum

Haythorpe homestead, Mannum

There’s nothing like a lazy weekend, sitting around, pretending to read, playing board games, drinking and eating well, and staring at water.  Whether it’s crashing waves or a quiet stream, there’s something absolutely primal about water.  Saturday afternoon I was lucky to be invited by Ingrid Haythorpe from the Attorney General’s staff on a visit “home” to a small town on the Murray River.  The poor river is in terrible trouble and is down about 6-7 feet.  We took the ferry over to the other side of the river to the family home we shared with “Mum” aka Marg, Ingrid’s sister Dinah, her husband Kim and their children Eli (12), his friend Tom (12) and Charlotte (10).  Tanya, Ingrid’s cousin who works in the Premier’s office, arrived with her baby Grace (9 months).  The gang was rounded out by Ingrid’s twins Remi (2) and Laura (2).  It was just an all round good time and a lovely ride both there and back.  Mannum is a town of about 2,000 and we went home over the Murray Bridge built in 1874.  We passed the grassland called the Murray Mallee and the whole thing is called the Murray Lands.  Earlier in the day Sue and I went out to the City of Playford, one of the partners in my residency, for their community forum.  I talked about my “Smart on Crime” initiatives and there was a nice turnout of the community.  On the way home, we passed “Scotty” for the third or fourth time and I just had to get a photo of him.  He reminded me of “Big Mike” on Main Street in Hayward.  Sunday night I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner at the home of Thinker staffer Denise Maddigan and her parner Pete.  We had a lovely fish dinner and a great chat about movies and life and politics and this and that. 
"Scotty," an Elizabeth icon

"Scotty," an Elizabeth icon

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First meeting as The Thinker

Posted by peggyhora on August 13, 2009

Ingrid Haythorpe, Exec. Dir. Policy, Planning & Legislation Div. AG
Ingrid Haythorpe, Exec. Dir. Policy, Planning & Legislation Div. AG

This is Ingrid Haythorpe and me at lunch with Gary Thompson, Court Administrator and Pamela James-Martin from the Thinkers’ office. As you can see, ware thinking,   Georges did not have their “signature dish” that was promised on their website and the waitress had never heard of it.  Sigh.  Instead I had the blue crab with polenta and a poached egg(?) that was delicious.  The meal was topped off with a rocket (arugula), parmesean and pear salad.  Delicious.  My morning started at 6:30 after sleeping in two-hour stints.  Maybe tomorrow the jet lag will be gone.  Pamela and I walked back to the office and to meet the full staff.  Very welcoming and nice people.  My office has a window and all the necessities.  I go in on Monday.  Strolling back from the office we went through the mall so I could pick up some essentials like a make up mirror and salami.  Well, okay, they are probably not really essentials but I wanted them.  One nice surprise of the day was finding out my apartment comes with a cleaning service every Tuesday.  Linen is changed, floor is vacuumed, etc.  Funny thing was I was going to ask Pamela what day the maid came never dreaming there really was one.  Tomorrow Sue King, my “project accelerator,” will accompany me on the free bus that circles the city and we’ll visit  The Market (more about that tomorrow).  I’ll lunch with Magistrate Andrew Cannon whom I met at the International Therapeutic Jurisprudence conference in Perth in 2006.  I look forward to seeing him again.

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I’m here!!!

Posted by peggyhora on August 12, 2009

After 20 months from invitation to apply to actual arrival in Adelaide, it feels a bit of a dream to actually be here. The flights were uneventful and on time (just the way we like them) and business class on a 747-400 with its flat bed seats is a treat. I was able to sleep about 7 hours in two shifts. While I was on layover in Sydney, I started reading “Tall Man,” a book about the death of an Aboriginal man in custody in Queensland in 2004. It’s a nice overview on native culture (and, for that matter, police culture). Imagine my surprise when I got off the plane in Adelaide and there were Pamela (administrator from the Thinkers’ office) and Sue (drug court coordinator and “project accellerator) waving at me. In the US only passengers can get past security so no one meets anyone at the gate any more. They escorted me to my apartment in the E. Rundel neighborhood and it’s great. I’ts roomy and had a beautiful view of trees and foliage from both the bedroom and the living room. Quite a large balcomy with table and chairs.  (I hid the ashtray). I bet it’s similar square footage to my condo so I feel right at home. Waiting for me at the flat was a gourmet food basket and basic supplies already stocked in the cupboards and fridge. I think I’m going to like this place and Pamela is not only very pleasant but quite efficient! We took a stroll around the neighborhood and had lunch at a little restaurant called “etc,” which turned out a very yummy chicken pot pie. There are two theaters showing indie films within a block or two and tons of restaurants, wine bars, cafes, etc. I tried to stay awake as long as I could last night and slept in two-hour shifts until 6:30 this morning.  This morning I’m meeting with a photographer because they’re going to hang a banner (hopefully not in effigy) with my photo when I make my opening speech to the public.  Then I’m having lunch with Ingrid Haythorpe from the Attorney General’s office and Gary Thompson, court administrator (for Californians, think Bill Vicary) at a trattoria named Georges.  Their signature dish is house-made linguine with blue swimmer crab, tomato, chilli and olio santo.  Get out the bib!  I’m just going to love Adelaide and am even more awed with the honor now that I’m here. Keep those emails coming.  I loved arriving having already heard from some of you.  Also, download Skype now!  I wagged the camera all the way across the Pacific.  It is 3:37 pm in California and 8:07 am here.  You can find my time at  I’ll let you know how the lunch went but I’m rethinking silk with that tomato sauce.

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