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Week 6. Yikes!

Posted by peggyhora on September 22, 2009

I began my last week of the first stint as ATIR at breakfast with Greg  Mackie, the boss of the office and the founder of the Festival of Ideas.  Remember, early on I told you about the Adelaide tradition of innovation and thoughts whereas we have festivals about vegetables — asparagus, garlic, zucchini, pumpkin.  He’s a charming and engaging guy and encouraged me to tell all and I did.  Pamela, Sue and I spent the next couple of hours working on my farewell presentation to the partners and preparing for a legislative meeting with the Attorney General’s office for them to brief me about what’s in the pipeline and for me to talk about what I’m thinking in terms of changes in the law.  I then spent the day organizing well, everything.  Then I was treated to dinner with six magistrates and, as always, it’s fun being with judges to compare practices around the world.  I love the looks of incredulity when one or the other of us describe how law is done in various jurisdictions.  There’s clearly more than one way to deliver justice, isn’t there?  We ate at Alphutte, an iconic Adelaide restaurant that is a favorite with the “businessmen” crowd for lunch.  I can see why.  Huge portions of large animals and not too much green.  It was fine but nothing to write home about except, I guess, I am writing home about it.  My dinner companions explained their work challenges and prompted me to think about some issues of importance to them.  On Tuesday, I had the AG legislative meeting, lunched with George Mancini, head of the Law Society, at a little place around the corner from the office that doesn’t look like much but put out a great little veal ragu rigatoni and we discussed some issues of concern of the attorneys in town.  The partners’ meeting at the Magistrates’ Court went great and I think they had no idea I had done so much while I was here.  That was followed by the launch of a new self-help booklet on debt collection and I finished a meeting with a quiet drink with Dr. Andrew Cannon, Deputy Chief Magistrate, the one person I knew in Adelaide when I arrived.  He is also the one who nominated me for ATIR and for that I will be eternally grateful.  I won’t see him again until next time and I appreciate all he has done for me while I was here.  I came home and dined on Maggie Beer’s fig and fennel paste smeared onto extra thin, extra crispy toasts imbedded with dried apricot and pistachios and covered with triple cream brie.  Yum.  I spentnsome time on the computer and retired about 9:30 having spent another exciting day filled with stimulating people, places and things.


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