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The last of the meetings and press

Posted by peggyhora on September 26, 2009

There was a glitch in the car service so I got to stand in the rain for 20 minutes and be late for my first morning meeting with the senior prosecutors.  They, like everyone else, are concerned about court delay.  These barristers only prosecute indictable crimes (what we would call felonies) and the lesser crimes (misdemeanors) are prosecuted by the police.  It’s a very different system and, get this, there is no right to a speedy trial.  I’ve heard someone can be in custody for up to two years before trial.  They also have an acquittal rate of up to 50% and dismissal at the commitment stage (preliminary hearing) of almost 50% as well.  I am hoping to help reverse these numbers with some recommendations on trial delay reduction, case management, and streamlining.  After breakfast, I came into the office with a storage bin so I won’t have to wag things back and forth across the Pacific and launched into a second meeting with the Department of Families and Communities, AG, and others on the Family Treatment Court concept which may be funded by the Commonwealth.  Next came the debrief of the residency with the entire Thinker team and that rolled into lunch.  I took Sue and Pamela to a thank you lunch at Chesser Cellars, the site of the lamb and Shiraz gravy pie which I had again.  Dang good.  Not to mention the sticky pudding with caramel, clotted cream and ice cream.  We had a wonderful time and were lingering over our coffees when the phone rang to remind us I had a farewell interview with The Advertiser.  Yikes!  I had completely forgotten.  We dashed back to the office, I had my interview, turned on the “Out of Office Assistant,” cleaned up my emails and Kerryl transferred all my files and email to my jump drive.  Now if I can just figure out how to transfer that data when I get home.  I may have to call my neighbor, Al Hudock, who helped me get all my Outlook data on my travel computer.  low his wife Marge and I have our book group on Thursday.  It’s a little weird to think of the usual things at home.  Kerryl’s boyfriend Ian whom I call Morgan (as in Freeman) and who calls me Ms. Daisy, gave me a ride home and I started to pack the two large suitcases that could hold refrigerators.  I finally gave up and flopped on the couch to nestle in for the news of the football game in Melbourne that is the equivalent of the Super Bowl.  Not that I give two hoots about it but, except for the PBS-like ABC, it was on every channel and that’s the pre-game.  I don’t think I’ll be going out tomorrow night because the footy playoffs + lots of alcohol = stay off the streets.  Watching 19-year-olds being rowdy and puking on the sidewalk fits right in with the third circle of hell. Saturday I will try to catch up with Thinker #16 Laura Lee who is in town for her second residency but if she’s not available, my treat for finishing most of the packing tomorrow is to sneak in my first movie since I’ve been here.  Otherwise I expect a quiet day.


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