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The bathroom I almost had to be evicted from

Posted by peggyhora on May 4, 2010

A rubber ducky all to yourself

The Louise (named for the owner’s grandmother) in the Barossa Valley is a small, elegant and award-winning hotel from which I almost had to be evicted because I didn’t want to leave.  Each suite is surrounded by a wall with a locked gate hiding a patio and little table and chairs.  There’s a huge room with a king sized bed, two overstuffed chairs facing the flat screen and gas fire place, a desk with high speed Internet access, dining area overlooking the vineyards.  There’s a sliding glass door adjacent to that room with chaise lounges and a table.   Then there’s the bathroom.  No, not just any bathroom.  A bathroom I would kill for.  I want to go home and take a sledge hammer to mine and it’s pretty nice!  There are two very modern square sinks, a TV, settees, marble counters for days, all the little amenities including razor and shaving cream.  Then comes the tub that has a Jacuzzi of course but also a rack across to hold your goodies including a yellow rubber ducky.  It has built in inserts along the side holding candles for a romantic bath.  There’s a heated towel rack of course.  The shower has a head the size of a turkey platter plus a hand held wand.  It’s completely marble on three sides and the floor would be chilly except for the fact that it’s heated.  There’s a glass door to the outdoor shower.  Kind of like camping –not.  The only thing I would change would be the toilet.  I was disappointed it wasn’t a washlette.  The restaurant, Appellation, has won numerous awards and is known for its wine cellar.  I opted for three courses rather than the tasting menu and had  lovely spiced sweet potato slices with almonds and pepitas dressed with a toasted cumin salad dressing.  Next came a “risotto” made with barley with leeks and greens.  My main was thinly sliced chicken with a special German ham (lachs-schenken) that gave it a smoked flavor and garlic and sage.  It has a 34-page wine list and one bottle it sells for $755.  Why bother with the $5?   It was a unique experience and one I’m very glad I had.


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