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Great start to Week 2

Posted by peggyhora on March 29, 2010

Despite being late to the office which was NOT my fault but I don’t want to embarass the person whose fault it was since Sue forgot to pick me up at my apartment.  Oops!, spilled the beans.  Gary Thompson, Ingrid Haythorpe and a couple other from the AG’s department met with the team to throw around some ideas and it was a very productive session.  The afternoon was a thinking day set aside for me to process all the information I have to in order to make my recommendations cogtent and evidence-based.  The justice system is huge and includes so many different diverse groups it’s important that all aspects be reviewed before any final decisions are made.  I’m also putting together a research document for those who want to delve into the subjects a little further.  It seems a shame that two and a half years of document gathering should only be used once.  Additionally, we’ll draw up an implementation plan so the report does not become a doorstop.  The evening started with dinner at Enzo’s an old-fashioned, what I would call North Beach-style, Italian restaurant near the Adelaide event center.  I had a fabulous organic, free range chicken breast stuffed with spinach and covered with crispy prosciutto.  It sat upon a potato galette and was surrounded with a gargonzola sauce.  Brocolini accompanied it.  When I say it was divine, it was to die for.  After dinner Sue, her husband Andrew and their friends and I went to hear Carole King and James Taylor in concert.  It’s been a good ten years since I saw music live except for the symphony, ballet and opera.  I forgot how much fun it was to sing along.  The center was packed to the gills but I was able to see everything on the Jumbotrons.  What a great invention.  All in all, a terrific day.


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