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Meeting with the A Team, Families, Justice

Posted by peggyhora on March 25, 2010

 The A Team, my 16-25-year-old advisers, and I met for the first time today. One team is working on trust and confidence in the courts, communication with the public and website redesign.  Interestingly enough, Premier Mike Rann said today, “… [W]e will improve our consultation with the community and we will use online more for your input & feedback.” The other team is looking at teen courts, restorative justice in schools, and school discipline.  I’m looking forward to seeing their recommendations.  I’ll meet with them again in week four to see what they are thinking about.  I then met with Jos Mazel, CEO of the Dept. of Families and Communities and Julie Gunn from Juvenile Justice.  We discussed the Unified Family Treatment Court concept and juvenile diversion among other topics.  It was a lively discussion with two fascinating women and the hour flew by.  Finally, the Advertiser article posted today along with the photo I had predicted.  Me on the bench, looking backwards with the Supreme Court in the background.  You can read it at:


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