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And so it begins…

Posted by peggyhora on March 22, 2010

Monday morning, my first day in the Thinker office in six months, I found today that since I’ve been gone one office worker got engaged, one got pregnant and one left to go to England to work with a Thinker.  We had a staff meeting until noon going over six weeks of schedules, outlines for the final report, and some social events.  We went to lunch at Medina Courtyard and sat outside in the 24 C/78F degree weather.  Lovely mussels for lunch with a crisp glass of Australian white wine.  Then off to the Supreme Court to meet with Justice Layton and Dr. Balfour with whom I’m presenting at the Law Society conference on Friday.  Back to the office to review briefing papers for meetings later in the week then finally to home.  In mid-April two former Thinkers, Dr. Geoff Mulgan who has done a TED speech, Professor Ilona Kickbusch from Switzerland and I  do a presentation as part of “the thinkers return” series.  750 people have already booked it!  Wow.  I’m staying in this evening to see The Mentalist then off to bed after a busy day.


One Response to “And so it begins…”

  1. Over the weekend I told Michael that it was time for some folks from this movement to get on TED Talks. You’d be a great representative!

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