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Posted by peggyhora on September 27, 2009

Rodin's Le Penseur

Rodin's Le Penseur

I left SFO on August 10, almost 50 days ago, to come to Adelaide, a city I’d never seen, to participate in a program which details were not known to me and to live in a rented apartment for the first time in my life (except for two months when I was 17 but that’s another story).  I had two acquaintances but no friends here in South Australia.  I leave with 500 acquaintances and many, many friends.  I had high hopes and lots of ideas about change.  “People say that time changes everything but you really have to change yourself.”  Compliments of that great philosopher, Andy Warhol.  I leave having  given 18 different addresses (okay I used some of the same Power Points), met some of the state’s legal icons, had 365 hits on my website, wrote more than 40 blog entries and had as many as 100 readers on some days, gave away 250 business  cards (no one has ever needed a second box before), made two out-of-state trips, have met with the Premier, both the state and Commonwealth’s Attorney General, two cabinet ministers, and lord knows how many departments.  My barista in the Thinkers office building knows my order — flat, white decaf — and I’ve filled two “frequent flyer” cards and received my free cups of coffee.   The drivers of the cars who pick me up and schlep me around all know me now and pretty much know exactly where I’m going. One said the other day, “They didn’t tell me I was picking up Peggy Sue.”   I’ve been invited into homes for dinner and taken to must see tourist sites.  I’ve met husbands, wives, children and partners of my office mates and judicial colleagues.  I’ve managed to amuse the staff and myself on many occasions and have spent the week saying goodbye.  Early in my residency, Pamela said the Thinkers always come back (I’ve met two while here) and I can see why.  Not only do you want to see how your various recommendations are doing but you want to see the people with whom you’ve labored.  I’m so glad Sue King, my Project Catalyst, is able to stay on for the next 12 weeks to advance my work (and I should say “our work” because her thoughts, organization and insight have been invaluable) until my return on March 21.  I’m not sad and I don’t think I’ll cry when I get on the plane but it is with a tinge of something that I leave Adelaide and the Thinkers in Residence program this time.  But, as both General Mac Arthur and Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be back.”  Ta ta for now.


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