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Last Sunday in Adelaide

Posted by peggyhora on September 27, 2009

I spent the morning packing, tidying up and getting ready to leave.  Pamela picks me up at 7:30 Mon. morning to go to the airport so I won’t have much time then.  Around 11:00 I strolled to the next block, site of the Rundle Street Market every Sunday. Someone told me it wasn’t worth attending but they were wrong.  I was actually on my way to breakfast around the corner but stopped at a booth selling poffertjes, a small Dutch pancake.  You get about 8 little fellers (about 2″ across) sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon and served with slagroom (whipped cream).  Yummy in the tummy.  The woman in the booth was playing “In the Mood,” a Glenn Miller tune from the ’40’s.  Quite pleasant.  There was also an organic farmers’ booth and a lovely infused salt booth (lavendar, lime and Mediterranean herbs) that also had pyramid-shaped salt.  I would have bought some but am down to my last Australian $10 and don’t want to hit the ATM again.  Maybe next time.  At the end of the street was a Kettle Korn booth and it tasted just like ours.  There was also jewelry and clothing and other things of no interest to me.  I found a free taxi (actually it was far from free!) for the 45 minute ride to Aldinga for lunch at The Orchard, a lovely restaurant owned by Thinkers’ director Gabe Kelly and her husband Kerry Flannigan.  We settled in for a long lunch of a couple of glasses of wine made by Kerry and a nice lamb dish with philo dough and gravy with a balsamic vinaigrette salad on the side.  We were joined by Kerry’s 16-year-old son Louis who is quite a charming young man.  He reminded me of my 17-year-old grandson Dillon.  We took a drive along the ocean and enjoyed the green hills of the Southern Vale on the way home. Tonight it’s take it easy.  It was a nice end to an incredible six weeks.


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