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Posted by peggyhora on September 26, 2009

Six weeks may be the longest I’ve gone without seeing a movie.  Even on television.  And I didn’t watch the ones on the plane.  Sat. was a totally free day and I did a little packing then headed off to see “Young Victoria” at the local movie theater.  Learned yet another thing about Australia (or at least Adelaide or maybe just that theater) I didn’t know — they don’t put butter on movie popcorn.  Go figure.  You should have heard the conversation I had with the young worker.  “Do you use real butter or that oily stuff?”  “We use coconut oil for the vegans.”  Huh?  Turns out Victoria was just like I wanted it to be.  Rupert English was so very much better than he was in “Cheri” and Emily Blunt tears up the screen.  She’s our up-and-coming Meryl Streep I think.   The costumes and scenery were divine.  Buckingham Palace was as beautiful as Versailles in “Cheri.”  I was so chuffed (remember, that’s one of my new Aussie adjectives) about Victoria I stayed to see “Fame” in the same theater complex.  It was totally predictable but quite fun.  The kids have loads of talent.  I then trundled down to Rundle Mall to pick up kangaroo Christmas ornaments for the kids and returned home to do a little more packing.  Tomorrow I’m off to the Coast to visit Gabe Kelly (the director of the Thinkers’ program) and her husband’s restaurant on the water.  I’m looking forward to my last Adelaide outing for 2009.


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