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Posted by peggyhora on September 23, 2009

The Australian Broadcasting Company is the equivalent of National Public Radio in the U.S.  Damien Carrick, a lawyer/journalist, interviewed me for 45 minutes yesterday about problem-solving courts and my experiences as a drug treatment court judge.  It was quite fun and I told stories about Nick and Diana, two of my favorite graduates. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s going to air on “Law Report,” the national legal show.  I started the morning in a meeting with the president of the bar association who is writing a column about me in the local paper.  He agrees with my ideas for reform and is excited about the possibilities for change.  I then met with two different sets of community groups’ boards and have forged new relationships with them.  I also set up a date with the District Court judges for my next visit.  I’ve spent a lot of time with the magistrates, some good amount of time with justices of the Supreme Court and Youth Court but not much with the District Court.  I’m looking forward to some exciting collaborations with them as well.  In the evening I did a presentation to the judges’ associates who work for judicial officers in what we would call clerkships.  They are  young lawyers straight out of school.  A law degree here is not a graduate degree so these young men and women are in their early 20’s.  They were eager to hear war stories and asked poignant and pertinent questions. The last one was, “How do we become practitioners in therapeutic jurisprudence?”  Just great. I think I communicated well with them and they were quite gracious hosts.  I came home to do some packing and still can’t believe I only have two work days to go before I leave this time.  Talk about time flying.  Oh, and one of the young men gave me a new Ozism:  “As off as a bucket of prawns in the sun.”  I just love that one.


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