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OZ Dictionary, Part III

Posted by peggyhora on September 16, 2009

Barrack – No, not the America president but to root for a team

Root – er…have sex.  I got more than a few laughs when I said I didn’t know which team to root for at the footy.

Have a Naughty – have sex.

Oh, those diminutives  again:  brekkie (breakfast), bikies (motorcycle riders), sunnies (sun glasses), chewie (gum), chokkie (chocolate), Chrissie (Christmas), coldie (beer), kindie (Kindergarten), lippy (lipstick), lollies (sweets or candy [I think from lollipop]), well, you get the drift.

Bingle – car accident

Cheap as chips – affordable

Pissed as a newt – drunk as a skunk

As cross as a frog in a sock – as mad as a wet hen


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