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Meeting an icon

Posted by peggyhora on September 9, 2009

The morning started with a visit to the Nunga (Indiginous People’s) court in Port Adelaide, about a 30 minute trip from the City.  I found it very interesting and watched the elders give input to the magistrate before the sentencing of defendants.  These Aborginal Justice Officers are well-respected and listened to by both the defendant and the judicial officer.  I was then privledged to share lunch with Elliott Johnston QC who is a legal icon in the community.  He founded his chambers the year I was born and still drops in from time to time at age 92.  We had quite a robust discussion about the law and my residency.  Our host was Martin Hinton, Solicitor General.  The afternoon was spent “thinking” and then I went to the home of Magistrate Bill Ackland and his wife Lynn for a lovely home-cooked meal.  We started with oysters and has roast beef with root vegetables.  A chesse board was for dessert.  I stayed up later than usual and got myself to bed around 11:00, past my usual bedtime.  A varied and wonderful day.


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