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Being loved to death

Posted by peggyhora on September 9, 2009

"Husband and Wife"

"Husband and Wife"

The director of the Court Authority Administration, Gary Thompson (South Australia’s Bill Vicary for the Californians who are reading this) said recently, “You are being loved to death.”  He meant that I’ve been so lucky to receive so many nice invitations, often including fabulous meals, that I had little time to myself.  I explained that unlike introverts who are drained by parties and events, us extroverts were energized by them.  Good thing.  Yesterday was full of new and exciting people and I came home tired but swirling in my head.  The morning started with an interview with the Adelaide Review, a rather thoughtful weekly newspaper.  I then met with Helen Wighton from the Attorney General’s Department and she briefed me on the new domestic violence restraining order legislation.  It is fabulous for the protection of victims but I continue to worry about the IT support since various departments’ computers can’t “talk” to each other.  How do the orders get communicated since there is no central registry like CLETS?  Another problem to contemplate. Then came a fabulous lunch at Chesser Cellars with Jeremey Moore from the Guardianship Board.  His group looks out for people who can’t look out for themselves and he had some good insights on mental health and Aboriginal issues.  The meal was amazing.  I had a lamb, shiraz and mushroom pie that had a bite I couldn’t quite identify. The mushrooms were plump and juicy, the meat fork soft and the crust a pillow of flaky wonderfulness.  We also sampled a New Zealand white that I thought was quite good.  I felt a little guilty drinking a NZ wine in SA.  I then caught up with things in the office before dashing off on the tram to Parliament House.  The interior of the dome so reminded me of Sacramento’s capital building.  The late afternoon sun made everything glow with a soft amber light.  I met Minister of Education Jane Lomax-Smith and we discussed early childhood education, alcohol and other drugs, feminist jewelry from the early 1900’s in England and the American Suffrage movement.  It was quite a meeting.  She gave me a beautiful Aboriginal art pillow cover by Ruby Williamson.  The artists send their design to Kashmir where Indian women chain stitch wool onto textiles.  They are completely hand made.  After ten of the same design, the drawing is destroyed.  Mine is “Husband and Wife” story about camping in the bush.  The final meeting of the day was with Bob Such, an Independent member of Parliament.  He is passionate about juvenile crime prevention programs and at-risk kids and shared many of the recommendations of a blue ribbon panel he chaired a couple of years ago.  Each day is filled with such interesting people and ideas that being here is one pleasure after another.  Tomorrow brings new adventures. 

“Husband and Wife”

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