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Sat. and Sun. Tourism

Posted by peggyhora on September 6, 2009

Horse-drawn tram, Victor Harbor

Horse-drawn tram, Victor Harbor

Mid-morning Saturday, Tim and Lesley Work picked me up and we meandered down to Victor Harbor, about 50 miles south of Adelaide.  It’s a charming little town that used to be a whaling station.  We went out to Granite Island for lunch in a double-decker, horse drawn tram with a poor little Clydesdale named Thomas.  We slurped down a dozen oysters then all had fish and chips, my first since coming to Australia.  Just like drug addicts will say they’re chasing their first high, I’m still chasing my first F&C eaten in an English pub that were served with fresh peas.  We finished off our outing with a coffee (ok, and a cake) at Cafe Bavaria.  Tim is a RN at the prison and Lesley runs treatment for the drug court so there was no lack of conversation.  They dropped me at the weekend home of Kathy Mack, law professor at Flinders University, and Rod Watkins who is a retired business owner.  Their home is in Goolwa, located at the Mouth of the Murray River.  We had a relaxing evening talking, laughing and eating a terrific dinner of lamb with dukka (a mixed spice coating) and chicken, roasted garlic bruscetta and salad.  Rod served home made ice cream for dessert.  Sunday morning, after coffee and the newspaper, we went to Hector’s, a greasy spoon on the water, for  brekky (yes, another AU dimunitive).  In Port Elliot we stopped to see a number of southern right whales very near the shore.  The females and their calves greeted us with upturned fins and we could easily see them blow.  It was quite a sight and was certainly the closest I’ve ever been to a whale.   We wandered home in the afternoon via the Angas River Scenic Route through an adorable town called Strathalbyn.  It was a very enjoyable weekend and I’m glad I got to see the water.

Victor Harbor sea wall

Victor Harbor sea wall


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