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Meeting the Premiere

Posted by peggyhora on September 3, 2009

Premiere of South Australia Mike Rann

Premiere of South Australia Mike Rann

I finally got to meet the Premiere who appointed me to this position.  I found him to be very thoughtful, affable and quite charming.  I got to spend 45 minutes with him and we kicked around a number of ideas.   The day started with a two-hour meeting with the partners and we discussed a number of questions I had prepared.  I loved seeing everyone working together.  Some have never been in the same room before.  I then had coffee with the Solicitor General and we had a lively and productive discussion for over an hour.  Last evening I met with the Social Inclusion Unit that addresses the underserved.  “The South Australian Social Inclusion Initiative aims to assist in the creation of a society where all people feel valued, their differences are respected and their basic needs – both physical and emotional – are met.”  Isn’t that a wow?!?  Earlier on Wednesday I spoke at a faculty development luncheon at Flinders University and met with several professors.  It is always good to meet with the academy.  In between all that I also met with the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration to talk about civil issues.    I’m almost to the end of week three and I can believe all I’ve seen, done, met and thought about.  It’s been a tornado but a wonderful challenge as well as a heap of fun.  I still think this is one of the best things I’ve ever done professionally.  I’m having dinner tonight at The Grange; the chef has been named one of the ten best in the world.  More about that after I’ve digested.


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