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From Justice to Justice

Posted by peggyhora on August 31, 2009

Gabrielle Kelly, Director, Thinker in Residence

Gabrielle Kelly, Director, Thinker in Residence

After a relatively quiet weekend, I jumped back into Monday with a number of meetings.  I’ve now spent more time with the South Australian Supreme Court than California’s.  I met with Justice Thomas Gray in the morning and finished the day with the Courts Administration Authority Council meeting chaired by Chief Justice John Doyle. I received lovey books from both:  Justice Gray gave me  Dame Roma about Australia’s first woman on the Supreme Court (and, by the way, first woman QC, first woman Deputy Chancellor and Chancellor of a University, first woman to gain a vice-regal appointment as Governor of SA and the founder of the Australian Commission for Human Rights) and First Among Equals, a book about SA’s Chief Justices (but not Chief Justice Doyle unfortunately). In between I met with the chair of the Commission for Victims’ Rights and Gabrielle Kelly, Director of the Adelaide Thinker in Residence (ATIR) program, and I met with members of the Cabinet Office.  I also managed to squeeze in clearing my desk and getting further organized.  I’ve been emailing all sorts of research and papers to interested parties and continue to do enhance my knowledge of SA’s justice system.  I nestled in for a quiet dinner at home then fell asleep reading about the Australian Constitution. I’m just living La Vida Loca.   Tuesday is a “thinking day” with a meeting in the late afternoon of the SA Chapter of the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration and I’m hoping to see the Aboriginal art exhibit at the Museum which has the largest collection in the world.  Tuesday is also the Vernal Equinox. “A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.”  Emily Dickinson


One Response to “From Justice to Justice”

  1. Ian Law said

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories of your time in Adelaide / South Australia. I’m looking forward to hearing you speak once you are further into your current “thinkership”.

    However, I thought I would raise an apparent misconception with you. My understanding is that 1 September is regarded as the start of spring in Australia (and similarly the other seasons start on the first day of December, March and June respectively). But, I believe that the vernal equinox is actually on 22 September this year (see, for instance ).



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