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More meetings, introductory lecture

Posted by peggyhora on August 27, 2009

Thursday morning started out with a radio interview during drive time.  Once I got to the office we had a meeting with the Attorney General’s staff, a major partner in my residency.  We discussed their expectations and some of my preliminary ideas.  Then off to lunch with the Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Bolton and Asst. Chief Magistrate Andrew Cannon of the Magistrates’ Court.  Another great discussion and some tips from me on drug tretmenrt courts.  Back to the office briefly to finalize my notes for tonight’s introductory lecture than a dash to meet with Chris Eccles, Chief Executive of the Dept. of Premiere and Cabinet.  He is a very interesting man who has much to contribute and an abiding interest in the program.  We arrived at the Mercury Theater in time to watch about 100 people file in to hear my lecture which was sponsored by U. of Adelaide and Flinders Law Schools.  Both deans were there as were many faculty and other partners.  I was very pleased and got lots of good feedback.  We retired to Ragoni’s, a premiere Italian restaurant in town.  We shared primi piatti of antipasto, scallops with roe, and calamari and I had a beautiful lamb dish with brussel sprouts and mint cremolata.  We shared panna cottas for dessert.  A long, interesting day and tomorrow is mostly for thinking.


One Response to “More meetings, introductory lecture”

  1. Thanks for sharing your progress, insights and experiences via this blog. As a partner in a previous residency I feel a real sense of on-going connection through your regular updates and narrative style. If your lecture was a public one and recorded I would love to hear it. Perhaps you could share a link to an .mp3 file in a future blog post if one becomes available.

    p.s. If you do that we will finally have achieved true ‘podcasting’ of thinkers lectures (because I have subscribed to the RSS feed for this blog in iTunes, the talk will automagically appear on my iPod). You might like to point this out to the staff team and pass on the message that ‘fang, the crazy podcast guy’ is well pleased 😉

    Keep on sharing your great work.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

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