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OZ dictionary

Posted by peggyhora on August 21, 2009

One of the joys of travel is learning a few words of the native language. You all know “barbie” from those Outback Restaurant commercials but I bet you don’t know some of these.
OZ – Australia, of course
Aussie – Australian (pronounced Ozzie)
Mozzies – mosquitoes
Footy – football which is not like football I’m told. I’ll find out next weekend because I’m attending a game that is part of a juvenile crime prevention program. The Attorney General is going to be the referee or umpire or something.
White maggot – Umpire or referee or something at a footy game
Ute – sports utility vehicle
Pegs – clothespins
Take away – to go
Rubbish bin – garbage can
Pokie – poker machines, a worry to SAPOL
SAPOL – South Australian Police
BTW – By the way, my blog got 100 hits the other day. A new high score.


2 Responses to “OZ dictionary”

  1. Peter James-Martin said

    Dear Peggy,

    A most interesting blog.

    In Oz a sultana and raisin are not identical. Sultana (dried) from the Sultana grape Raisins are produced from Muscat Gordo Blanco or Waltham Cross grapes. These varieties all contain seeds that are removed during processing to produce seeded or stoned Raisins.

    So that’s your piece of complete trivia for the day.


  2. Yummy, can’t wait to get there!

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