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Posted by peggyhora on August 21, 2009

David Wexler had highly recommended laksa at the Central Market and I finally tried it today. It’s a Malaysian noodle soup with vegetables, chicken, sea food or combo. There are bean sprouts on the bottom then thin egg noodles then the meat, etc. then a sprig of cilantro. It all floats in this divine both made of coconut milk (very light) and “secret recipe” according to the young woman who worked there. Did I mention pearls of hot oil. Oh, my. Other delights at the market were savory scones made of spinach, feta and pine nuts; fig and fennel paste, prune and walnut rolada (a gooey log of wonderfulness), Kangaroo tail (fresh), veal liver, 20 kinds of olives, 45 kinds of breads including a kalamata olive bagtard that came home with me, and every fruit or vegatable you can imagine and some you can not. I’ve never seen anything like it. Next time I’m taking my camera and will post photos on FB. Now I really have to buckle down and work on my Power Point for Melbourne.


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