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Media Galore & Partners’ Meeting

Posted by peggyhora on August 19, 2009

My Thinkers' Banner

My Thinkers' Banner

My morning started at 4:30 — AGAIN — and I wish I would flip my waking up switch to at least 6:00. It’s never taken me a week before to unlag. Sigh. But I got a lot of work done in the wee hours. Got to the office a little early and then met with the journalist who covers the courts for an hour. He said he was going to pitch his editor for the front page or the opinion page where he could write in depth about my ideas. Very flattering. I’ll let you know tomorrow when the paper comes out. I then met with the drug court service providers who briefed my on procedures. Next we dashed off to the Partners’ meeting in beautiful Adelaide Hall, an historic building, and we talked about Adelaide’s culture, challenges and future. Very invigorating discussion. Lunch was catered in and we used a new mapping softwear that is very cool. Got back to the office around 2:00 and had a phone interview for the local radio station. Tomorrow a bigger station is interviewing me. All the media flurry was stirred up by the press release that went out yesterday. I’m attaching a photo of  the banner that stands just outside my office and was used on the podium at last night’s welcome reception. It’s a little disconcerting to come around the corner and see myself. The photographer was great; told her to use the young, thin lens.


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