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Day 2 with a 120+ Person Welcome

Posted by peggyhora on August 18, 2009

This morning I met with a researcher who is concerned about the media’s treatment of and influence on the judiciary. She was very intresting. Then I had a meeting with the Justice Portfolio Leadership Council including justice, police, community corrections, court administration, etc. after which we went to lunch at a fabulous restaurant. Tonight was the welcome reception attended by over 120 people. The Attorney General presented me with a fabulous piece of Aboriginal art which will look beautiful in my home. I got to address the crowd and tell them how grateful I am for this incredible opportunity. The Thinkers’ staff are so helpful and pleasant it’s just a pleasure to be in the office.


One Response to “Day 2 with a 120+ Person Welcome”

  1. Love the blog, nice to be able to follow your every move. Can’t believe it’s been four years since I was in San Fran. The “thinker” pose is a nice touch- are you sure you couldn’t get little roo to do it?


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