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Art Gallery of SA and Yum Cha

Posted by peggyhora on August 17, 2009

A nice, easy Sunday morning with a jalapeno cheese bagel from the Central Market and a nice cup of coffee. Jumped the free bus again and went to the Art Gallery of South Australia. They have a very nice permanent collection but the Museum next door has the largest collection of Aboriginal art in the world. Will visit the next Sunday. So I was strolling along, my mobile (“mow-by-ail”) phone rang, it took a moment to realize what was making that noise, and I finally answered only to be invitied to Yum Cha. Denise Maddigan who is a Thinker project director and her partner Peter as well as his son, his partner and her daughter gathered in Chinatown for what we could call dim sum. Everything was recognizable — har gow, bao, gailan, pork ribs, salt & pepper calamari — and we sat at a huge round table next to the kitchen. What it lacked in charm was made up for in hot food although my head was tapped by more than one tray. I returned home quite happy and satisfied and caught up with my briefings. Also my computer was very unhappy with its broadband card and kept cutting out. It was very frustrating. I have a new drive and it’s working perfectly. I can now catch up and report on Monday.


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