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The Central Market and a Lovely Lunch

Posted by peggyhora on August 14, 2009

IMG_3563On Friday, Sue King picked me up, we jumped on the free bus, and had a quick tour of Central Market before meeting with Deputy Chief Magistrate Dr. Andrew Cannon. The Market is amazing. Think San Francisco’s Ferry Building and mulitply it by10. The cheese shops had dozens I’d never heard of; sausage shops with, for instance, a lamb, spinach and pine nut mix; produce worthy of Whole Foods artfully displayed; coffee beans from everywhere; and an Asian section I didn’t even get to. I will be shopping there regularly and will have to moderate how much I buy based on the capacity of my little cart and ability to get it all upstairs. We wandered over to the Magistrates’ Court passing by the District and Supreme Courts and got a glimpse of the magnificent new Federal courts building.  It looked very Frank Gerry to me jutting out over the sidewalk in a shade of blue gree that looked quite marine.  I first met Magistrate Cannon in Perth at the International Therapeutic Jurisprudence conference in 2006. We hit it off right away, the kind of professional comraderie that’s hard to find. The fact that we were on different continents seemed to matter little. He is a specialty courts’ magistrate with an abiding interest in justice. He was kind enough to take me to lunch at a private military club that had impeccable service and very good food. I tasted my first Australian oysters and oh my.  They are harvested in inlets in pure cold water and they taste saline and creamy and wonderful.  That first course was followed by “ocean trout” (read pink salmon) in a light mushroom sauce with roasted vegetables and a soft polenta.  Dessert was skipped except for the yummy chocolates served with the Cappucino.  It was fun to catch up with Andrew and I got to meet some of the other judges who were passing by.  These huge lunches have prevented me from having dinner anywhere yet because a little sausage, cheese, gourmet crackers and dark chocolate covered dried apricots have sufficed.


One Response to “The Central Market and a Lovely Lunch”

  1. Diane Cowdrey said

    This all sounds fantastic! And obviously you are doing a lot of thinking – love those photos! thanks for the excellent description of the food you’re eating (note to self- don’t read peggy’s blog if hungry). They look like they are taking good care of you and you’re getting to meet the top dogs.
    Got to catch up wtih Robin Wosje in Asheville NC at NASJE and we did a roundtable session together.

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