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First meeting as The Thinker

Posted by peggyhora on August 13, 2009

Ingrid Haythorpe, Exec. Dir. Policy, Planning & Legislation Div. AG
Ingrid Haythorpe, Exec. Dir. Policy, Planning & Legislation Div. AG

This is Ingrid Haythorpe and me at lunch with Gary Thompson, Court Administrator and Pamela James-Martin from the Thinkers’ office. As you can see, ware thinking,   Georges did not have their “signature dish” that was promised on their website and the waitress had never heard of it.  Sigh.  Instead I had the blue crab with polenta and a poached egg(?) that was delicious.  The meal was topped off with a rocket (arugula), parmesean and pear salad.  Delicious.  My morning started at 6:30 after sleeping in two-hour stints.  Maybe tomorrow the jet lag will be gone.  Pamela and I walked back to the office and to meet the full staff.  Very welcoming and nice people.  My office has a window and all the necessities.  I go in on Monday.  Strolling back from the office we went through the mall so I could pick up some essentials like a make up mirror and salami.  Well, okay, they are probably not really essentials but I wanted them.  One nice surprise of the day was finding out my apartment comes with a cleaning service every Tuesday.  Linen is changed, floor is vacuumed, etc.  Funny thing was I was going to ask Pamela what day the maid came never dreaming there really was one.  Tomorrow Sue King, my “project accelerator,” will accompany me on the free bus that circles the city and we’ll visit  The Market (more about that tomorrow).  I’ll lunch with Magistrate Andrew Cannon whom I met at the International Therapeutic Jurisprudence conference in Perth in 2006.  I look forward to seeing him again.


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