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I’m here!!!

Posted by peggyhora on August 12, 2009

After 20 months from invitation to apply to actual arrival in Adelaide, it feels a bit of a dream to actually be here. The flights were uneventful and on time (just the way we like them) and business class on a 747-400 with its flat bed seats is a treat. I was able to sleep about 7 hours in two shifts. While I was on layover in Sydney, I started reading “Tall Man,” a book about the death of an Aboriginal man in custody in Queensland in 2004. It’s a nice overview on native culture (and, for that matter, police culture). Imagine my surprise when I got off the plane in Adelaide and there were Pamela (administrator from the Thinkers’ office) and Sue (drug court coordinator and “project accellerator) waving at me. In the US only passengers can get past security so no one meets anyone at the gate any more. They escorted me to my apartment in the E. Rundel neighborhood and it’s great. I’ts roomy and had a beautiful view of trees and foliage from both the bedroom and the living room. Quite a large balcomy with table and chairs.  (I hid the ashtray). I bet it’s similar square footage to my condo so I feel right at home. Waiting for me at the flat was a gourmet food basket and basic supplies already stocked in the cupboards and fridge. I think I’m going to like this place and Pamela is not only very pleasant but quite efficient! We took a stroll around the neighborhood and had lunch at a little restaurant called “etc,” which turned out a very yummy chicken pot pie. There are two theaters showing indie films within a block or two and tons of restaurants, wine bars, cafes, etc. I tried to stay awake as long as I could last night and slept in two-hour shifts until 6:30 this morning.  This morning I’m meeting with a photographer because they’re going to hang a banner (hopefully not in effigy) with my photo when I make my opening speech to the public.  Then I’m having lunch with Ingrid Haythorpe from the Attorney General’s office and Gary Thompson, court administrator (for Californians, think Bill Vicary) at a trattoria named Georges.  Their signature dish is house-made linguine with blue swimmer crab, tomato, chilli and olio santo.  Get out the bib!  I’m just going to love Adelaide and am even more awed with the honor now that I’m here. Keep those emails coming.  I loved arriving having already heard from some of you.  Also, download Skype now!  I wagged the camera all the way across the Pacific.  It is 3:37 pm in California and 8:07 am here.  You can find my time at  I’ll let you know how the lunch went but I’m rethinking silk with that tomato sauce.


One Response to “I’m here!!!”

  1. Sandy Lu said

    So glad you made it with no problems. Keep the news comming.

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