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Almost Ready

Posted by peggyhora on August 9, 2009

I returned home yesterday from Chapman Law School’s symposium on specialty courts where I gave the keynote/luncheon presentation. It went very well. My friend, Gloria, came over and we went to see “Julie and Julia” as a bon voyage present. It was darling. I spent the rest of the week packing, getting a tetanus shot, getting my nails done, working to finish last-minute projects and, in general, gearing up to go. Tomorrow there will be very little to do so I’m planning to watch my last Netflix DVD (“Two Lovers”) before I suspend delivery. When you are going to be gone for almost two months, there are a million little details to think about. Stop the newspaper, stop the mail, don’t order anything on line, make sure you take neither too much nor too little on your trip and I’m afraid I’ve erred on the “too much” side of the continium. If we get the suitcases up the stairs, it will be a miracle. I have visions of half unpacking in the rain and wind and running it up in batches. I keep telling myself, “It will all work out.” I had my first dream about Adelaide last night and the Premiere and I were at a huge banquet and we were being naughty by laughing uproariously. I know what he looks like because of his photo on Twitter. Did I mention we tweet? Other chores for today include leaving the house spotless so when I return it’s good to go — dishes, laundry, dusting, a light vacuum, and other boring jobs I don’t especially like doing. The reality that after a year and a half it’s finally happening is starting to sink in. I think it was Dec. of 2007 when I was asked to apply and last August when I was notified I’d been chosen. That’s a long time to “think.” The next update you receive will no doubt be from Adelaide from my little apartment in the E. Rundle neighborhood. So much to learn. So excited to learn it.


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