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One week to go

Posted by peggyhora on August 3, 2009

With one week left until take off I’m getting very excited. When listing all my electronics in the last blog I forgot to mention the phone + charger. How many is that? Good grief. Now I’ve started to pack. I have to keep reminding myself there are things I can just buy there so don’t pack them. I’ve found the perfect gifts for my sponsors and I’ll tell you all about them after they’re given. I’ve downloaded prodigious amounts of materials to my Kindle so I’m going to be carrying very little paper. Some for sure but I had planned on shipping an entire suitcase full. Now that won’t be necessary. I’m getting into my storage locker today to dig out the “Papa Bear” suitcase for all my clothes. Since it’s winter Down Under, I’ll need a coat and a jacket and a rain coat and an umbrella (won’t I)? I’m going to try to keep the shoe packing to a minimum and will wear the heaviest ones on the plane. I know Australia is pretty casual but I feel the need to dress up somewhat since I’m working out of the Office of the Premiere. Men are lucky — boring dark suits for all occasions with a couple of ties to alleviate the boredom. Did I mention I got upgraded to business class both ways? I’m so happy because it will be the difference between landiing like a dish rag and arriving somewhat refreshed. My outbound flight is late evening so I’ll be sleeping on my regular schedule and I arrive in the early morning two days later. Jet lag should be minimal. Coming home will be a different story. I’m really looking forward to this incredible opportunity!


2 Responses to “One week to go”

  1. Daniel Zazueta said

    We are so excited for you!!! How lucky for them!!! Dan & Paul

  2. steve goss said

    Travel safely. Enjoy this opportunity. See you at NJC in October. Best regards. Steve Goss

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