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So Many Little Things

Posted by peggyhora on July 23, 2009

The thought of living away from home and in a foreign country for seven weeks is daunting. The longest I’ve every been away is a month. Getting ready feels like an endless “to do” list. Today I met with a computer wonk to sync up my travel computer with my desktop so I have full access to Outlook, Word and Power Point. Took > four hours. I figured out what converter to use to plug in all my electronics of which I am carrying an astounding amount (camera + charger + downloader; Kindle + charger; computer + electrical hookups, some back up disks, external D drive, computer camera for Skype, remote mouse; iPod + charger; digital camera + charger; Bose noise cancelling headphones + batteries). I’ve got a list of upkeep items for the housesitter and thank God I don’t have any pets to worry about. I secured Australian dollars. And I haven’t even begun to think about clothes. Got to go! Lots to do!


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