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I’m legal!

Posted by peggyhora on July 15, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I sent off my passport to Virginia to a visa service I’ve used before.  For some reason, I couldn’t track it on line and finally, after a gazillion phone calls, they confirmed they received it.  The lady at the post office who was going to get back to me “tomorrow” never called.  Then Fed Ex made an attempt to deliver it and I wasn’t home.  The next day, the on-site manager was at lunch and they couldn’t get in.  But today?  It happened.  I have a work visa and am completely legal three months at a time for multiple entries.  The process was very interesting.  I had to show why I was going to work and why an Australian couldn’t do it (better?).  I provided the letter from Premiere Mike Rann appointing me and said I was the only one (in the world?) who had sufficient expertiese to do the job.  They also wanted a certified birth certificate despite the passport already confirming my citizenship.  Maybe they wanted to see if I was a naturalized citizen.  Who knows?  I also had to provide proof of health insurance so I photocopied my Kaiser card.  The application form itself was about eight pages.  $165 and some angst later I’m legal.  I’ve also changed my dates to Aug. 12 (leaving San Francisco late night on the 10th) through Sept. 28 because the Aboriginal Law Conference at which I am speaking is Sept. 24-25 and it was just too much to speak and pack and scoot to the airport the next day.  My meeting with the Attorney General is Aug. 17 and a welcoming reception of about 100 people is the 18th.  Coming in a little earlier will give me time to move in, get adjusted to Adelaide time and gear up for the exciting challenges of the next 6 1/2 weeks.  What a thrill this all is.


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